UFO the Size of a Football Field Visited Air Force Base UAP Hearing

It hovered in the air for just under a minute before darting off over the mountains. 

It wasn’t just one incident either, according to witness testimony the craft returned later in the evening and was reported by some at the base as displaying aggressive behaviors 

It allegedly approached security guards at rapid speeds which seems to be the basis for the “aggressive” descriptor, but that seems dubious because nothing actually happened.  

Some believe this enormous red square UFO to be a sort of mothership, possibly like the kind hypothetically described in a Pentagon report described as more of a thought experiment rather than an actual report.

The hearing witnesses can only repeat what they were told by trusted sources regarding the giant UFO, however they did witness smaller examples of unidentified crafts described as dark cubes 

Air Force base which presumably has video surveillance of the entire area (and if it doesn’t, wouldn’t that be in and of itself a huge security threat?

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