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Carlee Russell: Police release 911 call

Source: Google

Police in Alabama cast doubt Wednesday on the story of a woman who set off a frantic search when she disappeared for two days after calling 911 to report a toddler wandering on the highway.

Carlee Russell told investigators she was abducted

Carlee Russell told investigators she was abducted and forced into a car Thursday, but they have been unable to verify her account, police said.

Wednesday, the Hoover Police Department held a press conference. During it, they player CARLEE RUSSELL SEARCHED AMBER ALERTS, MOVIE 'TAKEN' PRIOR TO DISAPPEARANCE, POLICE SAY d the full 911 call.

The following is a transcript of the conversation Russell had with a 911 operator on the night of July 13:

Russell: "Hi. I am on Interstate 459 and there is a kid just walking by themselves. 911: "Hold on…where…where are you?" Russell: "Um, I’m right next to exit, exit 10…" 911: "Okay, so you’re before the exit?" Russell: "Yes. 911: "Okay, and are you heading southbound or northbound?" Russell: "I’m heading towards 280. Towards Tuscaloosa." 911: "Okay, and was the child on the left or right side?" Russell: "On the right side."

911: "And were they walking northbound o

Fi911: "And you don’t see anyone with the child from where you are at, correct?" Russell: "No, no, no, but I can’t see them that good." 911: "Okay, try to keep an eye on him as best as you can because I don’t want you to lose track of him. And does he have shoes on?" Russell: "No, not that I can see. I really can’t see that…" 911: "Okay, alright. I got them on the way. If you can, just keep an eye on them. An officer’s on the way. Okay?" Russell: "Okay, thanks." 911: "Thank you." Russell: "Okay, bye."