Maintaining your car properly and extending its lifespan require routine maintenance. Here are a few crucial car maintenance tips.

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Following the manufacturer's recommendations, change your engine oil and oil filter on a regular basis. This reduces premature wear and helps to keep the engine lubricated.

1.Regular Oil Changes 

2. Car's tire pressure

Make routine tire pressure checks. By doing this, you can increase fuel economy and tire durability.

3.Brake Inspection 

Check the wear and tear on your brakes on a regular basis. When necessary, replace the brake fluid, rotors, and pads. Because brakes are essential for safety, fix any problems as soon as possible.

4.Check and Change Fluids 

Check and replace important fluids on a regular basis, including coolant, brake, power steering and gearbox fluid. As advised by the manufacturer, replace them.

5.Inspect Lights 

Check all of the lights on a regular basis, including the turn signals, brake lights, headlights, and interior lights. Quickly replace any burned-out bulbs.

6.Battery Maintenance 

Make sure the battery is tightly mounted and check it for corrosion. Examine the battery's charge level and replace it if necessary, particularly if it is older than three years

7.Air Filter Replacement 

The manufacturer's recommendations should be followed when replacing the air filter. Both fuel economy and engine protection are increased by a clean air filter.

8.Address Issues Promptly 

Take immediate action if you hear any strange sounds, feel any vibrations, or see any warning lights. Future problems that are more serious can be avoided with immediate repairs.


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