TOP 10 Best T1 Underdogs teams in BGIS 2023 like GodL

BGIS 2023 The Grind Round 2: All Qualified Teams, Final Scoreboards, More
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BattleGround Mobile India (BGMI) has emerged as one of the most popular games in India, captivating an audience of millions. In this discussion, we will shed light on the Best BGIS Underdog Teams of 2023, particularly teams like Godl, who have been dominating the T1 scene in India.

Despite facing challenges due to the game’s previous bans, BGMI players have shown remarkable resilience. Now, with its re-release, the game is witnessing an explosion of action, and players are climbing to new heights every day.

This presents a golden opportunity for the underdogs to showcase their true potential and prove their mettle in the eSports community. The time has come for these underdog teams to shine and make their mark in the competitive gaming arena.

In the world of Battle Ground Mobile India (BGMI), there are some top T1 underdog teams in India. These teams may have faced tough challenges and losses, but they never gave up. They are determined to show their true worth and make a mark on the competitive scene.

While established teams like GODL, Team BLIND, and Soul are dominant, these underdogs are ready to prove themselves and rise to the top. BGMI is full of difficulties, but these resilient teams are determined to shine and take their place among the best. Let’s keep an eye on these promising underdogs as they strive for success in the gaming arena.

Top 10 Best Underdog Teams in BGIS 2023.

10-Team Zero Kill.

Team Zero Kill is one of the most dominating T1 underdog teams in India, and all of the players in this team are highly skilled. They employ various strategies for fighting and predicting the zone.

As for their In-Game Leader (IGL), he provides crucial information and makes decisions on behalf of the whole team. They have won many matches and made a name for themselves in the BGMI community. The audience also considers them as the top T1 underdog team in India.

09-LOC Esports.

Everyone knows about Team LOC because of their outstanding performance in BGIS: The Grinbd. This team qualified for BGIS with high points, and even the casters were shocked to see their precision and accuracy.

Some people have even accused them of hacking, but they are a legitimate team with good interaction among players and a much better strategy than some of the T1 teams.

08-Gods Reign.

As the name suggests, this team is really “God” with outstanding points in BGIS and has made a name for themselves. They are one of the dominating teams, and even some of the T1 teams are scared of them.

This team is especially known for its fighting skills and fearless moves, which sometimes lead them to eliminate opponents. They are very famous and entertaining to the viewers.

07-RAW Officials.

Team RAW Officials is one of the leading teams in the Underdogs Community, and they have been eagerly awaiting a chance to prove their worth.

Now, they have finally showcased their value to the BGMI Community with shocking points and impressive gameplay. Their determination and hard work have made them one of the strongest Underdog T1 teams in India, and some people even compare them to reputed T1 teams in the country.

06-Team Daku Family.

This team is legendary among the T1 Underdogs in India, and they are often regarded as equals to team GODL. Their determination and refusal to back down have earned them this reputation.

Despite facing multiple eliminations and defeats, they never gave up and kept coming back stronger. Their hard work paid off when they emerged victorious in the BGMI MSG Underdogs Cup Season 1, winning a prize of 20,000/-. Their outstanding performance has left many viewers shocked and impressed.

05-Team LG (Lucknow Giants).

These teams have gained so much fame that even T1 teams fear facing them in battle. They are renowned for their fearless decision-making and exceptional close-range fighting skills.

Their expertise in handling the final zone is commendable. Their main focus is on eliminating other teams, and they never back down from any fight. Their attitude and approach towards the game have earned them the reputation of being “Royal Teams.

04-Team 7 habit.

Team Seven Habit has successfully qualified in BGIS The Grind and is now pursuing even bigger opportunities. Viewers love to watch this team in action, and they are particularly known for their excellent zone predictions and trigger control, which gives them an edge in snake fights.

Their main focus is on winning the game rather than eliminating other players, and they proved their skills by securing the first chicken dinner in Group 1 on day 1 of BGIS.

03-Team 4 AM.

This team is renowned for its dominating gameplay, which revolves around aggressive killing and swift movements. Their players are especially known for their god-level sprays and close-range combat skills.

They successfully qualified in BGIS and are now gaining a large fan following among other teams due to their impressive grind and exceptional skills. This team consistently records at least 20 points each day, showcasing their consistency and competitiveness.

02-Team spy

This team has qualified for BGMS 2023 with an impressive record on the points table, establishing itself as one of the most dominating T1 underdog teams in BGMI.

Now, they are set to compete against the most popular T1 teams, often considered god-level teams. This is their moment to showcase their true worth to the world.

01- Team Numen.

Team Numen is currently regarded as the top T1 underdog BGMI team in India. They carry equal weight among all the famous T1 teams and now have the golden opportunity to prove their strength in BGMS 2023, for which they have already qualified and eagerly await the matches to begin.

The anticipation is high as everyone is eager to witness this team dominate the entire Indian Esports community.

Final words

As the practice season of BGMI comes to an end, the teams unworthy of playing at the national level have been disqualified. Viewers initially believed that the well-established T1 teams considered the best in India, would be the clear winners.

However, the underdogs have proved their mettle in several tournaments, causing demotivation and elimination of the T1 teams. These underdogs have now taken the spotlight, and they are regarded as the top T1 BGMI underdogs in India.

Their motivation, determination, and innovative strategies have outshined other teams, consistently securing a spot in the top 3. Their exceptional performance has even instilled fear in the eyes of other teams, making them think twice before challenging them.

As the ongoing BGMS tournament progresses, many viewers believe that the underdogs have a strong chance of winning, but only time will reveal the ultimate winner.


1. Who is the God of BGMI?
Jonathan is considered the god of BGMI.

2: Best Team in BGMI?
Team Blind is currently the best team in BGMI.

3. Most successful BGMI team?
Team Soul is the most successful BGMI team

The 4-Best close-range player in BGMI?
Currently, Jonathan Gaming is considered the toughest opponent in 1v1 in BGMI.

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